Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Horror Flick

I see a figure approaching through the mist. I know who it is. It's Jason,from Friday the 13th, and he's baaaack!

He scared the wits out of me the first time around, hate this kind of movie and the last thing I want to do is see the new bloodfest. I can't believe they're bringing it back, although major bucks will probably be made, since the newbie is coming out on Friday the 13th!!!! What a surprise.

I attended once, many, many years ago, only because my Sonny Boy, my son, was an actor in the movie, and done in by Jason, in the usual horrifying way. A mother's loyalty knows no bounds.

The premise is probably the same this time around, a group of teenagers gather at a secluded getaway. Never quite looks like the ideal vacation spot. They fool around, they get killed. Jason dies? Well, he comes back for the next film. Undead again.

So Sonny Boy gets offed, and adding insult to injury, he is also beheaded. Now here's the weird part. For the scene, a life/death mask is made. The "head" is to be placed into a trunk, to be discovered by whoever is left. Except the head disappeared, in real life, never to be found again. They rushed making a paper mache head for the scene, a very unconvincing "likeness" of Sonny Boy, but with blue eyes bulging. I laughed. I also tapped the girls sitting in front of me. Absolutely could not restrain myself from telling them that I was HIS mother. I almost had to sign an autograph.

The thing is though, who took Sonny Boy's "real" head? Will it someday turn up in an old prop room, roll out of a box, and....Or is it sitting on the mantle of some demented......Oh, sorry, that's another movie.


Natalie said...


THAT movie undid me many years ago, and i really haven't watched more than five horror flicks since then (1982?).

Now I am going to have nightmares about the blasted head!
Cool post, Lyn.xx

Anonymous said...

How funny! I think it was around '84/85. I never go to that sort of movie, just that once and I cover my eyes.
Thanks so much...

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Well, I am NO fan of horror flicks, thus haven't seen this one. (Never plan to either!) But
I have seen "Into Great Silence" however and found it amazing, insightful, peaceful, and so genuine.

I am happy to have found the trail back to you from your lovely comment on my blog. Thanks for stopping by to say "Hi."

Anonymous said...

Debbie in CA-
So you have seen "Into Great Silence"! It is like a meditation, and yes, the peace.
Trails are interesting!
Thanks for your comments...

Jeane Myers said...

so out of the loop on any of this - can't do horror films - but are you saying that the character of Sonny Boy? is your son? - Have I fallen down the rabbit hole?

achoiceofweapons said...

It was his Mommie in the first, him in the 2nd then Jason in Space? Come on!

Where are the writers with the original ideas?

I dig your blog!
Come by

Anonymous said...

I wasn't precise..yes the only reason I'd go to this film is because Sonny Boy, my son, was an actor in the movie!

Mista Jaycee-
As I's my reality!...What do you mean by"Space"?
Thanks so much for coming by.

A Cuban In London said...

I still remember the first Friday 13th movie. It scared the living hell out of me. Many thanks for the post.

Greetings from London.

Anonymous said...

A Cuban in London-
I went once more to one of those films because I lost a bet. Under the seat!!
Thanks for sharing.

Deedee said...

I'm wih you, hate those gore flicks, but your story is too funny...and weird!

Anonymous said...

Saw your blog..yes, ENTERTAINMENT VALUE is what I live for!!
Thanks so much for your visit.


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