Friday, March 20, 2009


Here's one Aries baby, March 22,
jumping to the conclusion that
Jack Frost is history once more!!
Falling in winter's demise,
three inches of snow can't halt
the impertinence of daffodils
pushing to stand on earth
made virgin again.
Renaissance in the garden
is a holiday for Aries.
A promise carried on the air,
a trace of green to sniff as hope,
to live anew no matter what the year collected.
Aries discards history with a snap so sharp
that the past is not only over and done,
but resting in winter's crypt.
At the vernal turn,
trust without end,
a blade of grass,
a childlike laugh,
once more to cross
the threshold into spring.
from TWO GHOSTS/ poems


Natalie said...

You were born at one equinox,and me at the opposite one. :D
Happy Spring to you! My little Aries flower!xx♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat-
Thank you so much..believe it or not, it is now snowing big blobs, driving my cat, at the window, crazy...I'm sure spring will win!!!

Tess Kincaid said...

Happy, Happy Birthday and Happy Spring, as well, Lyn! :D

I have my Aries post all worked up for this weekend. :^)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good wishes..
And thanks that fun links widget.
Happy Spring!

Unknown said...

Hi Lyn,

We have beautiful blue sky and sunshine that we've been enjoying for three days. Maybe I should send some over?!

Have a very Happy Birthday and I hope Spring wins through soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Derrick-
Thank you, and do rush some sunshine over..I'm so deprived!!

Deedee said...

I heard you had flurries today to welcome spring! Nevermind, now that we have reached the equinox, none of that stuff will last. We are finally entering the warmth again!

Anonymous said...

Yes, warmth...the snow(imagine!) stopped, the sun came's spring!

A Cuban In London said...

'pushing to stand on earth'

That's such a powerful line. The force of nature wins in the end.

Greetings from London.

Anonymous said...

I can never enjoy spring--my allergies prevent this all the time.

Anonymous said...

A Cuban in London-
Thank you...I do think we have to "take a stand"!

I have great sympathy for this condition, many around me really suffer the seasons. I pray that you find a "cure".

Dominic Rivron said...

Great to find a blog I want to keep scrolling down! Found you from Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes.

Anonymous said...

Dominic Rivron-
Thanks so much for visiting..
Yes, Kat's a very good bloggy friend!!

Kat Mortensen said...

Hi Lyn! I like this poem. Happy Birthday to you, my dear.
I have a little gift in the sidebar of my blog. Come on over and pick it up!



Kat Mortensen said...

Oh, I see you've got a Sisterhood award. Oh well! Now you've got two. (No need to post double, just know I'm thinking of you in that way.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good wishes, and thank you so much for the Sisterhood Award! Special!

Anonymous said...

Two is not too much!! Love it!
Thank you for all your kind thoughts.

Jeane Myers said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Spring! what a day you were born on! can't come here without thinking about channel 999 and what is going on! isn't that funny?

? said...

This is so beautiful and just in time as well. I am still here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!
That's funny about 999..sort of like "Rear Window".

Anonymous said...

JT's Tale
Thank you..glad that you are there!

Natalie said...

Good Morning, Birthday Girl!

Many Happy Returns to YOOOUUUUU!

Hope you have a special day, Lyn, have a drink for me. A tea if you don't drink. :D xx♥

Anonymous said...

So nice of you..thanks so much for your good wishes..Yes, birthday brunch..starting with a sip of a Mimosa! Gorgeous day...


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