Sunday, March 18, 2012

MAGPIE...Prompt #109

                                               Image/ Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

THANK YOU, Tess, for Magpie #109, at Magpie Tales.


The world,
you think, (maybe)
swept under the cover
of cheap goods.

A couple of gears,
a twist to tighten,
another year goes by,
and all that vanity,
a birthright?

The preening,
that one is a leader,
one is a slave.

Surprised, won't you be,
to see a musical comedy,
fa la la,
when you awaken.

These are the jokes, folks,
and God roiling       
with a belly laugh as usual.

What about me,
Sisyphus kid brother,
your daily double,
pushing aside the tarp,
turning the screw once more?

What about me,
bad back and all?
Bloody hell!

copyright/ all rights reserved/ 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

MAGPIE...Prompt #108

                                                   Image/ Uzengia Aleksander Nedic

THANK YOU, TESS, for Magpie Tales, #108.


And then I died and went to heaven,
turned back,
to come back?

A girl again,
lost in the surprise of death,
I saw the murky place
over my left shoulder,
the world of languish.

Or would I rise
to be tickled
by the light of angels
wrapped in flutter?

Prayers in my heart
float up like butterflies.

Sound is color,
words are music.

Soul writes itself,
bounces off a temple bell,
flirts with Gods and Goddesses,
a code deciphered at last.

So life's a chrysalis after all,
give me your hand,
be a fool no longer,
take the gift, fly.

copyright/all rights reserved/ 2012

Sunday, March 4, 2012

MAGPIE...Prompt #107

                                                                             Image/ Sarolta Ban

THANK YOU, TESS, at Magpie Tales.


Funny how long
you let the snake
define my soul,
chisel me from marble,
carve my feet from clay.

Rearranged my DNA
into second place
as Adam "AND" Eve.

Called yourself
the master of the universe
as I gratefully
puttered in the pantry,
scrubbing a place
fit for a virgin,
averted my gaze
like a little lady should.

Now I ask a simple thing.
Scramble up here
from your retro roost,
look me in the eye,
and see
that I've become
much more
than a match
dot com.

copyright/all rights reserved/ 2012


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