Monday, October 29, 2012

MAGPIE...Prompt #141

THANK YOU,Tess at Magpie Tales...


nymphs and mermaids all,
able to unlock the ocean
into a Red Sea.

Rolling pebbles
from the foot of the deep,
a thousand years
for a handful of sand.

We'll name a new Nereid,
let her roil and churn,
a spinning tempest,
a debutante sprite,
with a dragon's tongue,

dipping fire,
drinking deeply,
a tango,
a surge.

The traveler,
wrapped in a hurricane,
knows his refuge is the sea.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fifth Annual Willow Manor Ball

OH, TESS, I just love what you've done to Willow Manor.  You were right, as usual, didn't need more than a dash of whitewashing!  And the moat at night!  Now everyone will want one!  Fabulous, of course!!

OH, this old thing?  So glad you put me in touch with your little dressmaker!  I intend to wear it more than once, something I never's just so cute...I mean FABULOUS!  My date, my charge, my next husband, well who knows?  I try my best but the sweet old thing still keeps confusing me with a chair...see what I mean?
Yes, I do still call him Mr. Eastwood, don't like to overstep my bounds!  He generally calls me, (or the chair) punk, as in "Do you feel lucky, Punk"?   At this point he generally pulls out the chair and in very clipped tones, tells it, "Go ahead, make my day".  Sometimes he says that to me.  At times I have accommodated.  After all, a legend is a legend!  But for the most part, he is a fabulous companion.
How adorable of you and Radical Rad to be giving dance lessons on the terrace!  And no, it's never too late to learn the two-step.  Touch dancing is so fabulous!
Chocolate martinis..if anything will get me to look less like a chair...this could be it!  Cheers, and I'll  let you know about the fabulous results later.  Oh, Mr. Eastwood, I'm right here, next to the chair!!
Some thing's working!  Now Mr.Eastwood is talking to a green girl...."Go ahead, make my day"!  Does he mean me, the green girl, or the chair?   Anyway, we've had a fabulous time.  Tess, no one can throw a ball the way you do!!  See you  next year!!
copyright/ all rights reserved/ 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

MAGPIE...Prompt #140

THANK YOU, Tess, at Magpie Tales...


According to Wikipedia, "Novus Ordo Seclorum", words lettered on each dollar bill in Latin, translates into "New Order of the Ages".  Every day this legal tender slips through our hands, through our notice, with poetry.

From the fourth Eclogue of Virgil, (IV:5)

Now comes the final era of the Sibyl's song;
The great order of the ages is born afresh.
And now justice returns, honored rules return;
Now a new lineage is sent down from high heaven.

What you get for a dollar....still possible?

Copyright/all rights reserved/ 2012

A lovely Lady Magpie, dedicated to Tess Kincaid, sent to me because of my affinity for the Prompts, by Dori Hartley, a blogger for Huffington Post.  Who happens to be my daughter.  Thanks, Dori...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

MAGPIE...Prompt #139


                                     MIDNIGHT SNACK/ 1984/ Curtis Wilson Cost

THANK YOU, Tess at Magpie Tales...


Last night it hummed in the attic,
an idle Nosferatu
who's found a recurring song.

Biting my nails,
spitting fret,
writing a plea
to God or man,
that daybreak will rescue me.

Each and every light
switched on,
enfolds me like armor,
saves me
for tomorrow.

Then I'll invite somebody
to listen with me
to the screech,
whistling from that dim corner.

I desire a moment of embrace,
tendrils of morning fog
hold me close.

An advent of specters
dance around me.

I grasp a hand
cold as one that tosses earth
on an open grave.
I find the returning melody.

Copyright/ all rights reserved/2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012



Sucking up bathtub spirits,
spitting them out,

mixed bag of stew,
too much hot sauce
disguises the content,
makes it seem, dream,
that my life
has real zest.

Still doesn't turn
into a four star restaurant.

Standing up straight
like a buttoned down shirt,
only my tongue
flaps in the breeze.

Leaves fly by,
shape of zeroes,
same color all year long,
icy blue,
don't change tint
with the seasons.

No color show,
this chance gone.

Wait till next May,
think of a new dance
around the pole.

copyright/all rights reserved/2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012

MAGPIE...Prompt #138

                                                    SICK WOMAN/ Jan Steen/ 1665

THANKS TO Tess at Magpie Tales...


What's turned her humour
to black bile?
Warped her cold and dry,
bound to earth,
forever in melancholy?

Tulips at the door
from the shy one
with the downward glance.
The wind sighs with her voice.

He begs for courage
to fetch some magic.

Perhaps a unicorn's horn
filled with tears of the stag
who trampled her ardor.

He longs to spill
the Satyr's blood
and wash away the tether.

The bonesetter
who heals fractured maidens
arrives, fills the kettle,
pours a flow into a lucent cup.

Melancholy sits,
she sips white tea,
stirring cinnamon, lemongrass,
a sliver of cardamom from India,
knobby ginger,
and a stain of beetroot
to brush her lips with sunrise.

Copyright/ All rights reserved/ 2012


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