Monday, March 9, 2009

Orient Express

I am out of breath and looking over my
shoulder, as usual, as I try to mingle
with the crowd here at the Gare de l'Est.
Does my veil look too obvious?

The Count, my Uncle Vanya, roused me at an early hour,
opened the back gate of the Chateau Bonaparte, where I've
been held a virtual prisoner, thrust the Faberge Egg into my
trembling hands, told me to guard it with my life, kissed me
on both cheeks, and sent me on to The Orient Express,
where I will be guided by this little man, Mssr. something
or other, to my final destination, Istanbul.
My passport photo shows me as a simple
young woman, nothing, not a trace of my
past shows on my face. The name, of course,
is nothing like Anastasia. Just simple Greta,
a poor student from Paris.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTHE EGG
hustle and bustle. A funny little
man is squinting at me. Could
that be Mssr. what's his name?
A huge coffin shaped box is being
hauled aboard the train. Could it be
a coffin? There is an odd insignia stamped
on top. Also metal bands encircle it.
As if anyone would try to get in or out!
At last in my room, I remove my veil, and
hardly recognise myself, red wig, red lips.
I unpack my blue velvet frock, I think just
right for lunch. I reach for my pearls, but no!
I am but a simple student!
A very handsome gentleman shares
my luncheon table. The bright, white
tablecloth casts a clear light on his face.
He introduces himself, "Bond, James
Bond. Something about you stirs me.
Why are your hands shaking?"
I want so much to trust this stranger. Dare I?
Again the funny little man is sitting opposite me. Aha,
the waiter calls him Mssr. Poirot. I do believe he is the
one Uncle Vanya told me about.
My word, what is that commotion at the end of the
dining room? Shouting, pushing..I must run..but
I am now alone in the baggage car...why did
I come this way...and that box, that coffin
in the shadows, can that be a tapping
I hear from within?
Of course not.


Tea Time With Melody said...

Is it possible that your Mr. Bond is the SAME "James" I saw in the card room? Maybe that's why he missed dinner......

Anonymous said...

All I can say is :
1. I saw him first!
2. He does get around.

See you at the bar!!!

Kat Mortensen said...

I think you should avoid Mr. Bond at all costs - he is a roué and a cad! His lady-friends either end up spurned or in the morgue. You don't want to end up in a coffin too, do you?
I'll be in the pulman car sipping on a Dubonnet with a twist if you need a friend to confide in. I can be trusted.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning.. After all, I'm so young and naive, I need someone like you to show me the ropes! Please order a Stoly, up, for right there!

Marie Reed said...

Don't listen to Kat! She's batty and bonkers for Bond! I saw her give him her garter!

Marie Reed said...

Am at the bar too.. I'm the one passed out under the table.. I've had a bit too much to drink! Hiccup!

Anonymous said...

I hardly know where to turn..Kat's saying the same of you! Yet I think I can trust you..with a secret..shhh...the plot
is afoot...
And, sober up!!!

Marie Reed said...

Shhhhhh! I've swiped Sparky's emerald cross! Poiret had a sippy sip of the sedative laced champagne that I gave him! He's snoring in the baggage car!

Anonymous said...

Sparky's jewels..they're all paste..I'll get rid of them for you..
Poor Poirot,I think my family hired him to watch over me...
Baggage car, next to D's coffin? oh my!!!

MuseSwings said...

I was worried about this! I was told there would be a stop in Romania...a stop for a deceased Count. He does not sound as deceased as he should. I fear the steel bands are beginning to stretch...and the sun is setting. Be very careful who you sit with at dinner. Now where did I put those wooden stakes?

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Yes, Lyn, the murder investigation is underway although Mssr. Poirot believes we are all suspect! Hold on to your beautiful Faberge egg.
Ian Fleming has apprised me that he will be safeguarding us and watching our compartements for any unsual activities.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the
equisite cuisine, panaramic views, and lots and lots of champagne. Isn't that what we femme fatalles do? We must help in this mystery some way!

Anonymous said...

How strange..I saw a tall, dark stranger for just a moment,..He told me not to worry, that he was an actor, from someplace called Hollywood??? And then he was gone!!
Do you think??

Debby said...

Re: the tapping. Just call out 'who's there?' When he answers, you'll know.

Musey: be careful who you sit with at dinner? Wooden stakes? Dang. I thought we were going to eat well on this trip. I wanted beef steaks. Thank goodness I brought cookies.

*nibbles on a cookie, watches wide eyed*

Anonymous said...

Petra Michelle-
So much has happened..during dinner, I suddenly returned to my room..someone I didn't know was leaving, I screamed, to no avail!!
I too need some!

Anonymous said...

Muse Swings-
I did leave you a message, forgot to address it.."How strange..I saw.."

Lavinia said...

Boy, this Bond dude is sure getting around. He's a ladykiller alright, I just hope-gulp-that it's not a literal description. One coffin is one coffin too many. I hear the Turkish police are good looking as well as efficient and always up for a cup of Turkish coffee. We may get away with this after all...hang onto your veil, darling, it's going to be a bumpy train ride!

Anonymous said...

You seem so sensible with your advice, and yet, I have to ask, why are you dressed as a nun? I recognize must everyone else!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that you are a Bond Girl,so don't pretend otherwise. Your stilettos(?) gave you away..
Handsome is as handsome does..Istanbul or not..I'll take de-caf.
Count D is wearing my veil!!

Tea Time With Melody said...

I just stepped over to Lavinas and she has a few men to choose from so now I think I will let you have James as I have my sights on someone younger. hehe

Anonymous said...

Younger, you say..what harm could come of that?
I have little time for dilly dallying, as I'm in pursuit of Hercule who's supposedly guarding the Faberge Egg, which I'm supposedly guarding with my life.
James is so yesterday....

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Don't worry - I will be there to protect everybody. Noone will notice a giraffe in a pinstripe suit sitting in the corner reading the newspaper ...

Anonymous said...

You're so right..amazing..I'm staring at you now, and you're hardly there.
But do be careful of the fellow in the black cape, sidling up to you, the one who looks like Bela Lugosi.

Natalie said...

I'll be in the loo, vomiting up the drugs stashed in my stomach. I am the waitress in the dining room, about to slip Mssr Poirot a 'sedative' of sorts in his Blackberry Cassis. That will keep him out of the way for a while. The thick plottens.......

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Lyn, I had to escape the madness for a while and snuck off the train to stroll along the Danumbe where a shot rung out. I couldn't imagine what anyone wanted. All I
have the print of The Secret Life of Ian Fleming. Could that be what Mr. Bond wants?

I hear Muse is dusting for fingerprints of the murder, the stolen earrings (I hear it wasn't Stevie, afterall).

My, my, when is it going to let up?

Anonymous said...

One shouldn't laugh at servants, so I beg your pardon.
My, I didn't know that Blackberry's can conjure up a Cassis! What will they think of next?
Poirot indeed , not as tame as he looks...beware!

Anonymous said...

Petra Michelle-
It will come to and end with the last stroke of midnight. Take confort in cliches..tomorrow is another day!
But hold on to the manuscript...I hear there's money in Bonds.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Lyn, my lush bed beckons, but before I turn I wanted to thank you for making the adventure on the Orient Express a memorable one!
I need to check in with Muse about the murderer. I believe Monsieur
Poirot will be up the night solving it, but I hear a coffin has slipped off the train.

Night, night, Lyn. Keep the lights on! ;)

Anonymous said...

Petra Michelle-
I thank you too for all the fun and games. Will we ever know the truth? At least I've got the Faberge Egg back, my mission is saved..
They've found a box at the side of the tracks, smashed and we go again!!

Unknown said...

(this is my second go!)

LYN! What did I miss?? I have been in the sleeper car all the time, having the most troublesome dream and with a veritable troupe of characters passing through my cabin!

I'll be glad when I can get to the Pera Palas and find a decent bed for the night!

Anonymous said...

Others may believe that you slept through it all, but I saw past that disguise!
Yes, who was pouring all that champagne?

Anonymous said...

Does my veil look too obvious?"--Ha, L. Rochelle, you know, I'd kill to have tea with you--just so I could hear you speak and pick your brain for story ideas, brilliant.

"A very handsome gentleman shares my luncheon table." --you see, we should have lunch together, eh? ;)

I love this piece, Bravo.

Kristina Eyre said...

What is your profession-occupation? Hey, if I learn how to sew better, I'll send you a prototype. :)

Lyn said...

Oh, Clay-
Well,I many times did you pass me in the bar car? But alas, you had eyes for others!!
Hear me speak?..Just your typical uppa,uppa, New York phony, the kind who's watched too many Brit movies!!

Anonymous said...

I'm classic free-lance, whatever! But always an artist from my background on. So I'm basically a makeup artist, for money, and other stuff just because..and I look forward to you learning to sew!!!


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