Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Little Spooky.

Coming out of the kitchen, balancing my oatmeal bowl
on the small yellow tray, I pay close attention to Milo,
the cat, who is having a flying fit. He generally crosses
my path a few times as I walk to the bedroom,
where I have my breakfast every morning, so
I must pay attention not to stumble. Which I have done,
without oatmeal, and Milo cries when I'm hurt. It is
plaintive and sadder than my tears. His amazing
soul is then thoroughly exposed as my mate.
We were passing that ordinary corner, before the
bedroom door, where Milo sometimes pauses to stare,
as cats sometimes do, at an empty space. Today he
almost skidded to a stop, looked upwards, because he
too heard the distinct sound of a cello, one note
only, perhaps a "G".
I stopped for a second, then put my tray down on this
desk, this very place, the center of computerland,
bloggyville, my full life's destination. How the hell did
that happen? Anyway, sitting down, reaching for
the white's gone. Compulsive me, back to
the kitchen..has to be there because I use it to pick up
the bowl to place on the tray. Not there. Foolishly think
I'll find it under the desk. Why waste a new one? Cello
corner is neutral. I pass it by. Something says my name.
Milo's on the windowsill, can't be a witness to ectoplasmic
hi jinks. I reassure the air that they'd be better off to
stop hanging out in my apartment and just go to heaven!
No napkin on the desk or under the desk. I'm not going
to retrace my footsteps again. Some things that fall to
the floor under my desk disappear into another dimension,
stay for about a year. Like the gold earring I dropped,
searched with practically klieg lights shining on the floor.
It popped back into the world about a year later, nestled
near my tapping toe.
A napkin shouldn't vanish. An earring, maybe.
Could be some wraith wants to play dress up.
But what use is a napkin? Unless to be draped
in ghostly fashion so that the cellist can just say "boo".


Tess Kincaid said...

I can certainly relate to this post! Things like this are happening almost daily at the manor. I guess I'm sort of used to it.

The cello note is interesting! Do you have any background on the history of your particular apartment?

Anonymous said...

I'm used to "oddities" too. I never had anyone to ask about this apartment..been here a long time, suspect there is a story..I could write a book, for sure...oh m'gawd!

Deedee said...

Fascinating! I've heard my name spoken before, but not in this home. Occasionally I do hear what sounds like notes, but I usually explain it to myself as having come from the apartment downstairs, so I won't be freaked out. It's so interesting though, isn't it?

Jeane Myers said...

ooooooo, you're a better woman then I am Lyn! - your witness, Milo, makes you know you are not imagining the 'a little spooky' moments - as real as you or I - don't know how I would deal - I guess, as Willow said, you get used to it. hmmmmm - if not a book, perhaps a short story?

Anonymous said...

It's sort of ongoing little surprises..except for when it's been dramatic! I must tell those sometimes!!

Sometimes Milo just sits and stares into a corner, and I ask him what he sees. Glad he can't answer. I had a presence who stayed too long, and that's a story!!

Natalie said...

Must be the week for it! I too have had a visitor.

Also recently, I went to bed with my ring on my finger. When I woke up it was gone. I looked all around and under and through, changed the sheets etc. It turned up weeks later, just sitting on a magazine.

A Cuban In London said...

Hmmm... Milo had a friend over last night and forgot to tell you :-). Nice post... and spooky, too.

Greetings from London.

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie-
What can one say? Things really just happen..I had a similar incident with my Grandmother's wedding ring..gone for a year, now it's on my finger!

Anonymous said...

Greetings to A Cuban in....
That's the problem, Milo's invisible friends! Who plays the cello? Of course I wouldn't mind if Yo Yo Ma showed up!!

Raph G. Neckmann said...

I've never experienced anything like this! Wonderfully spooky!

(If anything goes missing here, like cake and chocolate usually, we know it will be in Necky Becky's room - for a while ... and then never seen again!!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Raph-
Well, you're so down to earth, perhaps that's why there are no spectral visitors!
If chocolate is's me all the way..

Kat Mortensen said...

Brilliant! I can so relate since we have four cats who periodically stand stock-still and look up to the ceiling at those invisible poltergeists that plague us infrequently. Perhaps plague is too strong a word - they play us, don't they?
I loved that hyperbolic line about the klieg lights.

I have un challenge pour vous, ma soeur.


Unknown said...

We had a poltergeist in our house in Atlanta who would take things and return them to a different place at a later day. Although some sets of keys were never returned!

We also have a very LOUD poltergeist in the 105 year old house we now live in NC and the cats are always staring at certain points in both hallways. There's definitely some history with this house, but thus far, no one has revealed themselves.


Lyn said...

I just left a response to your comment, and it don't think?..nahhh...
I do believe "they" play us and wave to cats from high corners!
I accept your challenge, but it will be a bit shabby compared to your list, Ms. Heloise!

Lyn said...

Hi Jane-
They all seem to have similar routines, take something.. give it back. Some afterlife!
And everyone who has ghosties has the same staring cats scenario! A 105 yr old house may be too much for me! Thanks for visiting..

Marty said...

Willow wrote of the same thing happening at her house - these must be ghostly times.

Unknown said...

Hi Lyn,

Perhaps your visitor just needed a napkin to wife his/her chin - or maybe dust off the cello?!

Lyn said...

Yes, it's funny about these duplicate ghosty posts..we have this pattern..ghosts on parade!!

I hope ghost keeps the napkin..especially if it's used!


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