Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thank You, Willow!

This is me at the end of the night...Do I look plastered? I think not, despite what Count Ruprecht's been blabbing about! Crikies! Can't a girl have some fun? Party girl that I am, I'm still raring to go!
champagne..endless imagination..WOW...wouldn't have missed it for anything...and here are a few photos of the exceptional event.

A sip of the hair of the dog? Don't believe the fuddy duddy rumors you've heard ..remember, Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder! Just doing my bit to keep the planet green!

There was a line for the powder room, but everyone was so gracious and polite, waiting their turn. An opportunity to make new friends!
The Count snapped this picture of me as I rouged my lips. We were off to announce our engagement! I know that many hearts will be broken now that the Count is out of circulation!! And a couple of fellas may still have eyes for me! But carousing days are over...

Count Ruprecht finishing the sumptuous 10 course meal that was served on gold embossed china in the Versailles Suite. Here he is inviting Willow to join us on a cruise to the Bahamas aboard the royal yacht, the Triton. Say yes, Willow, oh please say yes!! After all, it's not every day that one gets the opportunity to travel with such an entourage! And don't be upset by the eyepatch Rupy is wearing..somehow he walked into his Mother.


Unknown said...

(whispers) Morning Lyn!

I can't believe that that first photo is you, the transformation is alarming!! Better get out on the yacht's deck for some fresh air. There wouldn't be an extra berth going spare?

The line for the bathroom was interesting wasn't it? I recall Groucho saying, "I've had a wonderful evening, but this wasn't it"!! Some people, really!

Hope Rupy's eye gets better very soon.

A Cuban In London said...

Love me photo, love me photo! Marvellous! Many thanks! :-D

Greetings from London.

Lyn said...

Hi Derrick-
Yes, I believe I need a couple of jogs around the deck..extra berth? I'll have a look around..
love the Groucho line!
And what a super dancer you are..especially when you hopped on the table with Ms.P!

Lyn said...

Greetings to a Cuban-
Yes, you are a handsome devil..I think I really caught the essential you!

Unknown said...

Are you sure he didn't walk into his own trident? ;-)

Tess Kincaid said...

Hey, why not?! Tell Ruby we would love to join him! And make sure you bring along that gigantic bottle of absinthe.

Air kisses back at you! ~xx

Lyn said...

Hi Jane-
Entirely possible..but I know for a fact that Lady Danvers has rather sharp edges!

Lyn said...

Hi Willow-
Fab!! Another Ball on the high seas! The fun never stops! And just wait till we celebrate Mermaid Night!
All aboard the Triton, which has almost the same letters as Titanic!!

Jeane Myers said...

ooooo, too many exclamations points this morning - shhhhhhhhh, please.......

Lyn said...

Hi Jeane-
Right..those exclamation points are way too loud on the morning after..gotta learn to curb my enthusiasm.
So hard not to do this(!).


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