Friday, October 30, 2009

Play Date!

TODAY, A BRAND NEW PLAYGROUND IS OPENING IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD. ONE BLOCK AWAY, IT COULDN'T GET ANY BETTER. Oh, did I neglect to tell you the name of this playground? Sephora!! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sephora, it's a cosmetics emporium, one great place to sample, potchky around, dab a little here, smear a little there. Zip up that wrinkle, uplift that sag. Yes, lip plumpers, batting eyes, a pat of rouge, ingredients you can't pronounce to help you return to the days of dewy innocence.
I have informed friends and family that if I seem to have disappeared, they will find me in Sephora, dipping into collagen, or Shea butter, maybe a re-newing pat of hyaluronic acid. Is it time for blue eyeshadow yet...only kidding! What do you expect from someone who was born with a mascara wand in her hand? I always knew that wands lead to magic! That doesn't necessarily make me shallow.
First hundred customers win a prize...hmmm....
Recommended Film:
4 Stars
2005/ French language
Director: Michael Haneke
Cast: Juliette Binoche, Daniel Auteuil
Mystery/ Thriller
A wealthy couple start receiving daily video tapes of themselves and phone calls that threaten to disrupt their lives. Trying to find who is stalking them leads to secrets from the past. Fascinating and unconventional. Best Director's Award at Cannes.


Tess Kincaid said...

I like the movie CACHE so much that I own a copy! I think I'm going to have to pop it in tonight.

Since you're going to be one of those first one hundred, you must show us your prize!

Lyn said...

Thanks Willow,# 1 !!
What a movie, what an ending!
Trying to crank myself out of here on time to join all the other teen-agers on line. card, $5 to $100!!

Unknown said...

Love unconventional thriller type movies, so thanks for recommendatioin.

Love your take on the Sephora store, one of my daughters uses their 'stuff' and loves it all.

Lyn said...

Hi Jane-
Thanks...your daughter knows..they carry everyone's "stuff", even for us!
Movie..take a deep breath!!

Unknown said...

Lyn dearest,

I clicked to comment AGES ago and then have been busy so here's a quick hello, goodbye. Will return tomorrow!

Lyn said...

Hi Derrick-
Busy is good! Thanks...I did pay my respects to the new store, really just needed something..heard that the teenies started lining up at 4:00 AM !

alaine@éclectique said...

Ooh, like the new header! The only way I can get in here is by clicking on Two Ghosts; if I click the picture, nada, if I click the heading, nada. Weird, that. Spooky, almost!

I'm pretty sure we've seen that movie on our multi-cultural channel and we enjoyed it too. Love mystery-thrillers.

Well, we went down to the 'big smoke' for a couple of days and I got my 'fix'; visited a major cosmetic house, which is a 'must'. Bought the latest mousse makeup and the 'definity' moisturiser which is going to make me age-spot and wrinkle free within 10 days! Would love to try a DIY eyebrow tinter kit but read the instructions and got scared off!

Lyn said...

Hi Alaine-
It's frustrating trying to get Blogger to work..I'm always in touch with them to tweak things..
Still looking for that perfect "moisture"..tried's good, no miracle..I
try them all! Please don't do a permanent dye!! I'm speaking from experience..been a makeup artist since year 1!!

Unknown said...

Hello again Lyn,

This is me commenting for real!Can't believe you need any of that makeup stuff - except purely in a professional research sort of way! 4.00 a.m.! What do they have for black rings under the eyes?!!

Lyn said...

Hi Derrick-
What I recommend for dark circles is more sleep!!
Yes, of course I don't need any enhancers..just looking! Bet you get that comment a lot in your shoppe...


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