Friday, April 29, 2011

The Twilight Zone...

I LIKE TO CHECK MY HOROSCOPE in the morning.  Usually I don't get a big laugh out loud moment.  Today is different.

On this date, April 29, 2011, I, an Aries, am warned that I may not realize that I've slipped into the Twilight Zone.  That the various nooks and crannies of my so called life are bent slightly out of shape. 

ahem...I've noticed.  As if I can't tell that I've settled into a parallel world, ever distant at times from the so-called "real world". 

I'm advised by this stunning horoscope to perhaps call on my friends to help me distinguish between my illusions (mostly harmless posturing) and the nitty gritty world that I obviously should get closer to. 

I'm not sure if I'm on the outside looking in, or comfortably reclining on my Lazy Boy, happily looking out.  I hope that tomorrow will, horoscopically speaking, signal to me that it's safe out there, and that I can bid farewell to The Twilight Zone.

Friends, I know that your down to earth qualities will come to my aid when you see me tottering too close to this edge or that. When you see that I need help, please...Help!

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