Wednesday, April 6, 2011


                       Illustration/ Ethel Mars- Maud Hunt Squire/ 1900's
                               From a Children's Garden of Verses

ANOTHER WONDERFUL ILLUSTRATION to prompt us to write a verse for children...from Monday's Child.


I'm looking at the rolling waves,
ready to dive into a sea of dreams.
Other children are rocking their beds,
turning them into boats of the night.

Shiny fish jump very high,
trying to catch a bite of the stars.
If I catch one, I'll throw him back,
so he can dream with me another night.

copyright/all rights reserved/ 2011


Deborah said...

so he can dream with me another night ... wonderful!

Lyn said...

Hi Deborah-
Thanks for the visit..and the lovely comment!

Hyde Park Poetry Palace said...


Glad to see you write for children.

Jingle said...

love to see fish jumping in your words.

vivid imagination.

Lyn said...

Hi Promising Poets-
Welcome! It's fun to do..trying something new..thanks!

Lyn said...

Hi Jingle-
Thanks..I did have fun with this!

signed...bkm said...

Lovely ..catching a bite of the stars...very nice indeed and throwing him back for another night....thank you ...bkm

Lyn said...

Hi bkm-
Thanks for the kind words..and the opportunity!


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