Thursday, April 7, 2011


HERE'S A POEM unprompted..decided to get off my big fat dependency on other's prompts and stand on my own two stilettos.  And finally admit that this is the first true thing I've ever written...up till now just been in the grip of the dullest life..shamefully overcompensated by telling little white lies.  Will be trying "the truth", from now on.  Maybe.


My eyes were looking for dawn
as sleep tugged them to stay shut,
but push I must to awaken
to such an itch in my left eye.

No, more like a scratch,
so what could have jumped into this orb
during a dream, to cause a discomfort like this?

But force I did the debut of the day,
still full of black ink streaking the sky
and that fierce discomfort becoming
the fullest part of the morning
as I slog to get to the bathroom.

And here's my day staring with a focus unasked for,
the mirror presents a blur with no common sense solutions,
so that plans of finally accomplishing greatness,
a creative mind triumphant,
my footprint planted on the "Walk of Stars",
will not be solved today.

All actually obliterated, taken to the back
of my prehistoric mind and dropped there,
so that I may focus on the physical complaint
of an itch which overtakes all previous intentions.

I look for a cool splash of water
to sail away whatever speck has lodged
in a deep pocket of this sphere,
which spent the night in sweet repose.

My day is shaped by action unplanned
to give a name to a newborn pest
that's come to rest in my point of view.

copyright/ all rights reserved/ 2011


mindsinger said...

An interesting read! How quickly we bend to the trivial irritations of the day! And how quickly we can be turned aside from the search for meaning.

Lyn said...

Hi mindsinger-
So glad that you visited..I, a star procrastinator do use all trivial pursuits to put reality aside..
Eye is better...what now?

Marinela said...

Beautiful write, the words flow so perfectly. Enjoyed it :)

Short Poems

Helen said...

Standing on our two stilettos! Love that! It's interesting when I write something that bubbles up from nowhere in particular - it is more satisfying ...

Jeane Myers said...

more please!glad to hear eye is better, but more truth - so good xo

Lyn said...

Hi Marinela-
Thanks so much for your lovely comment!

Lyn said...

Hi Helen-
You're so right..what was I doing writing this at 6:00 am with an itchy eye..just possessed, I guess!!

Lyn said...

Hi Jeane-
The thing is I don't always know the difference..haha..going out the door now for some NYC truth..thanks!!

lorely said...

When I read this I thought of the biblical analogy of the speck vs. the plank in the your case be thankful it's only the speck! Great awareness and consciousness upon awakening..I'll have to listen more closely to my body tomorrow when I awaken...maybe I'm afraid to...thanks for reaching in and exposing truth.

Lyn said...

Hi lorely-
Sometimes I get crazy energy, no matter the time..and then collapse..thank you!!


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