Monday, March 8, 2010

Apartment Living...


THE IRON FIST just delivered the latest edict in the battle between management and the utility company.  If any of you recall, I posted, on Jan.30, a pretty complete rant about the situation in my apartment building.  For those in the dark,(as we probably soon will be), let me fill you in.

Because of a yearly "High Noon" showdown, Con Edison and my landlord are re-enacting the same old, same old.  Allegedly, landlord isn't paying utility bills.  So on March 14, or so, electricity/ gas will be turned off.  Therefore, I am modeling what is sure to become my new indoor attire.

But there seems to be a way out...any resident who has a serious health problem that would be affected by icicles in their apartment, can phone the New York Heatline, report the condition and a caseworker will visit to see if you are legit, and or have frozen to death.  Have no idea if they will ship us off to Florida, or distribute space heaters and candles.

I imagine that even if I take this heroic step to rescue my fellow tenants, I believe that because of budget constraints, I may not see hide nor hair of a rep from Human Resources till oh, my guess is, July/ August.   When I will have won anyway, by default.

By the way, management says it's nonsense.  

Tenants unite!!


willow said...

Yikes!!! Stay warm, Lyn! Hope it doesn't come to that.

Everyday Goddess said...

Eeek! What a nightmare!

Power to the People!

Lyn said...

Hi willow-
Actually it is getting to be springlike, 50's, but electricity??

Lyn said...

Hi Everyday Goddess-
Just another drama! There are 8,000,000 of them!!

Linda S. Socha said...

Bummer! I am thinking warm thoughts for you and more electricity!. Good Grief!
Love your blog!

Lyn said...

Hi Linda-
Thank you for kind words!
Can you imagine?...last year it worked out... fingers crossed!!

Derrick said...

Hi Lyn,

Sorry the stalemate is still ongoing but I think you'd look quite fetching in such an outfit. Fingers crossed!

Lyn said...

Hi Derrick-
Fetching...hmmm...thank you for that!
Just spoke to doorman..he doesn't know..have to wait and see!!

ALeks said...

Oh dear,I do hope you will not have to live in that kind of situation any longer and till there is warmer weather you will find a way to stay warm somehow!Personally I know everything about life like that,insecurity,stress,not knowing when your situation will get better,if it is going to get better,and how important it is to stay resourceful and creative in given challenges. Warm hug and loads of good love and light for you,take care, Aleksandra

Lyn said...

Hi ALeks..
Thanks for your far, no answer. I always hope for the best..This seems to be some sort of game of "chicken"..I'm sure I'll be OK! I live on the 14th fl. , walking up and down??

rallentanda said...

That is a terrible situation.In Oz
tenants are responsible for their own utility bills ( even water)Probably a better idea.Contact the media and get them to do a story on you.Name and shame the owner.

Lyn said...

Hi rallentanda-
I do pay my own's the building owner's who are lax about their bill. I think this will be a last minute rescue..
I'm the last person who'd want any publicity from the media(tabloid, TV..)but it's not a bad idea to run this story. Thanks..

jeane said...

ah, drama, what would life be without it!? and I have to say, I think you would look very cute in that outfit! xxo

Lyn said...

Hi Jeane-
I can do without this excitement! And thanks, about the outfit!!

CatLadyLarew said...

What a mess... losing your heat because the landlord is behind? That's just wrong! Good luck with the appeal... Keep warm, Lyn!

Lyn said...

Hi CatLadyLarew-
I am warm..we're having a bit of early spring..61 degrees today..still, I think it will work itself out! Thank you...


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