Monday, January 27, 2014

MAGPIE...Prompt #204

                                  THE MILL, 1964/ Andrew Wyeth

THANK YOU, Tess at Magpie Tales


What stayed when you left?
Winter's revenge,
Loki's sting, an imp
doing handstands
on a frozen heart.

I'm tricked out
in saint's day regalia,
spinning snow angels
in the courtyard.

I find an improbable note
in a dead sparrow's mouth,

that spring,
beyond doubt,
lies beneath drab endings.

Pandora's box
sits on my hip,
emptied and icy,
lid up, without content.

I'm dreaming 
that a bit of sin
is hiding in the corner,
stirring up a pinch of heat
for your return.

copyright/ all rights reserved/ 2014


21 Wits said...

So true. Maybe if we turned up the heat, it would much earlier! Secretly, I've been asking Old Man Winter just why he's so revengeful this year? Especially, after his long step into our last spring. I'm still waiting for his answer.

Stafford Ray said...

"I'm dreaming
that a bit of sin
is hiding in the corner,
stirring up a pinch of heat
for your return."
Thank goodness for that!

humbird said...

I love the hope 'in the corner' despite the winter revenge. ~ I feel confidence and light in your peaceful words.

Silent Otto said...

This is a powerful spring evocation, wholly appropriate as one is gripped by a somewhat unnatural Polar witches watch out !

Lyn said...

Hi Karen S-
Does seem like a vengeful year..weatherwise!! Thank you...

Lyn said...

Hi Stafford-
There's always hope! thanks...

Lyn said...

Hi humbird-
So glad I could do that for!...thanks...

Lyn said...

Hi Kutamun-
I'm all for spring! Bring it on! Thank you...

Helen said...

Love bit of sin sitting the corner

Kathe W. said...

let's hear it for stirring up a bit of heat!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

The last five lines are magnificent! Yes, yes to sin sitting in the corner ... I can dream!

Brandee Shafer said...

Here's to some heat and warmth...and spice.

Susan Anderson said...

And we in California are hoping for something to stir up a bit of rain.

Great poem!


Margie said...

Been too long since I visited, so nice to be here again.

Wonderful writing, as always

Stay warm!

Silent Otto said...

Ground Control to Major Lyn , come back .......The Language of Angels still has need of your services !
Hope you are well wherever in the Aether you are at ,
Cheers Mate

Lyn said...

Hi Kutamun-
Great hearing from you...still putting one foot ahead of the other...seeing angels now and then! broke down..I'm working on understanding a new one...#2...winter bugs and viruses...#3...working on a book of..ta da...Poetry! Soon...
Thank you, my friend!!

Unknown said...

I liked your blog. Great job to attract the visitors. Lots of thank from my site(Perfect Skin Care)

Lyn said...

Hi Maliha-
Always hoping for the best..thanks! Like your the way, I'm a makeup artist!

A Cuban In London said...

I loved the title. Already from that point onwards I knew I would be in for a treat and I was right! :-) Thanks.

Greetings from London.

Lyn said...

A years gone by since I last posted....time flies when I'm wandering! Crazy winter in morning, 15 it goes...Your comment..warms the city, and me. Thanks, my friend.


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