Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Post- It

xx excerpt from Two Ghosts:
xxxxxxWere you ever happy?
xxxxxxxDid you write the moment down
xxxxxxxon a Post-it and place it on the wall?
x x xxxxDo you have so many stuck there
xxxxxxxthat you've all but lost the count?
xxxxxxxCan you pull one down at random
xxxxxxxto remind you what was yours?
xxxxxxxDoes it help at all right now
xxxxxxxas you kneel
xxxxxxxand pray in doubt,
xxxxxxxfor some deity to hear you?
xxxxxxxCan the wall contain another instant
xxxxxxxof notated bliss?............
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or at your bookstore
Two Ghosts/Lyn Rochelle


Aleks said...

Oooo,this is realy,realy great,wondershoon,beauty,thanks for sharing,love,Sandra

Natalie said...

That room reminds me of my brain! Little post-its everywhere! Cool!xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much..what is this great word "wondershoon"? I want to use it!!

Exactly! My brain in overdrive!

Jeane Myers said...

had a break and stopped by for a minute - so glad I did! truly loved this!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for stopping by during your break..how nice! Don't work too hard!!Ha ha..

findingmywingsinlife said...

this is a great visual representation, I could go so many different ways with this...

Anonymous said...

Yes, I too like the choices one can go, a bit crazy!..thank you!

Anonymous said...

So many post it notes...but note a single note on them. "Can you pull one down at randomxxxxxxxto remind you what was yours?"--I like this Lyn, I believe it is a good exercise for the mind. I feel that the poet is punishing me for my ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Yours is such an interesting interpretation. But the poet doesn't punish, the poet reminds and searches.
What was the poet's? In the end, if it's not recorded,it's not remembered. Thank you for being a challenge...

Unknown said...

Hello again Lyn,

I seem to have some catch-up reading to do here! This is another tempting tidbit. The picture is fun and your words provoke much thought. I was trying to create slightly different rhymes as I read!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments. Always happy to be a challenge...Love to hear your rhymes.

Kat Mortensen said...

Go a little deeper and wonder why have we come to this? This jotting down of bits of time? What did we do before we could stick them wherever we wanted, before we could schedule our happiness?


Anonymous said...

I like your thinking. Maybe before, we spoke to each other.
For me, it was irony about myself,as if by writing it down I could prove it (happiness) happened.

Aleks said...

It just is WONDERSCHOON!Love it.

Anonymous said...

Wondershoon! My new favorite word!! Thank you.

Kristin Dombrowski said...

Hysterically, I've been sticking up post-its of wiseass remarks around my living room, just for fun. But after a while of staring at them, they lose their appeal and humor.

Anonymous said...

And sometimes they just fall off...you can't win! Thanks for the giggle.


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