Thursday, December 25, 2008

Song of the Angels



Trade and economic issues said...

merry christmass, nice photo..

Lyn said...

Thanks..Bouguereau really had heart....

Anonymous said...

I hope your Christmas was very merry!
Now, I can concentrate on getting a couple of things for me, so I'm getting your book, by hook or by crook (but I expect it will be by credit card in the end).
We're to read poems by Kay Ryan for my book club. What do you think of her peotry?
PS how wonderful of you to help serve so many meals for the holidays & I loved the 2001 story. I forgot about Daisy, Daisy. I watched it 1st in my high school auditorium in '75(?) That got me going on seeing other Kubrick films.

Dave King said...

Have a good 2009

Lyn said...

Thanks, Natasha, and a very Happy New Year to you.
I recently saw "2001", again, after a few years. Still the most startling and indelible effects. Kubrick, what a visionary!


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