Saturday, December 13, 2008

No Apologies

Here I am looking contrite.
You could say that's my sweet manipulative look. My PLEASE don't notice that I'm flaunting it, look.
I always thought that if I won the MEGA I would show some restraint. I mean, haven't I been the choreographer of all the little dances I've been tapping on ALL those spiritual paths?
So what happened? Did my spirituality instantly fly through my silk draped floor- to- ceiling windows? Couldn't I restrain myself from gold leafing the rococo cherubs above my four poster? Well, it looks like I've had a lot of pent up materialism just throttling my holy aspirations. I dare say, an accumulation of all my past lives of deprivation has reared it's ugly head. I turn to you, the rich, to pull me through, because you know how to live without guilt in a way that has eluded me.
Do the rich even know about karma? Truth to tell, in my hungrier days I sought enlightenment, love and brown rice, as I rappelled up the steep cliffs of desire. My reward was always within, I just had to close my eyes and meditate way up through my Crown Chakra. I always achieved it, with the right incense. I was also well on my way to achieving blessed non-existence, blessed mind of Buddha. I will do it again.
Yet here I am, swathed in luxury (which I'll donate to the poor very soon). Before my big divestiture, I just want to have some fun. I sort of always knew this about myself...hold out a Karat, and I just might slip it on my finger.


Paulapaulelladev said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am also a big fan Of Freddie Mercury and Queen!
I love Ruth Rendell's writing or Barbra Vine as she wrote "No night is too long" under. I have tried to get most of her books, but No night really got under my skin!

Tess Kincaid said...

Love your take on this vintage picture!

I enjoyed your comment over at my place. Love, love, love Ralph Fiennes!


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