Sunday, December 28, 2008



I didn't plan it that way. But when I get hooked on hog-wash for the whole live-long year, this is how it echoes in my brain.

If you look closely, on the upper shelf, you'll spot my original intentions for impeccable organization. That represents the first two weeks of the year 2008. But truth to tell, it sort of looks like every other year. Except for 1993. And 1974.

Basically, the first day of every year is exemplary. Paper detritus, seen here on the left side of my brain, was originally stacked in reasonable installments: bills, essays, poems, love letters, threats, etc. But quite suddenly, almost from the beginning of the year, paper became promiscuous, throwing itself immodestly in the most slovenly manner, as if winding up on any stack would do. No fidelity at all to original plans. So January 1st is the time I get serious about shredding.

Don't look back or you'll be turned into a Link. Just pile everything into a hot air balloon, and direct it to a land fill on the other side of Atlantis.

Then of course, as night follows day, January 2nd....and I'm sort of tired of shredding and so I get involved with the right side of my brain. Okay, really the whole rest of my brain, since you're watching. And there's the old computer and there's the new one, and the old printer, and the new, and oh God, why did I think that Gates actually used Vista?

Then there was the new TV, which had to be tested through every political encounter of the third kind. And now I have to make way for change, I've got to really clean those shelves. And keep them that way. And I have to shed a tear for all the greats who captured my heart, and passed. I will shout it out, I LOVE YOU! And boo-hooing for myself because greatness MAY have eluded me again...but carbs never did.

....But it's almost January 1st...2009....and guess what I'll be doing? Shredding first. And then I will dive into my best intentions again. I will use the left side of my brain with balance and grace, the right side with elegance and symmetry. I will not allow wanton tendencies to take hold of me ever again. No more clutter, I promise. Check with me at the end of next'll see.

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