Sunday, March 27, 2011

THE DUST of EGYPT/ Poetry Potluck #28

                                   Hathor, Goddess of Joy, Protector of Women

This really appeals to me...the idea of TRIPS, TRAVEL, and VACATION,  for this week's Poetry Potluck #28.  Come along...and be sure to check out the other travelers!


Motes of crushed light enfold
a female figure, early dynasty,
seated beside an altar,
waiting for prayers.

One hand holds a votive bowl
carved and inlaid with lapis lazuli,
and shells from far off seas.

Ancient walls and floors
flake with scars of the ages.

A goddess is waiting for me.
Her other hand
clutches a charm unseen,
an amulet,
the secret of life?

Or a strip of papyrus
from the Book of the Dead.

One eye still blue,
cerulean like a royal sky,
untouched by time.
The other, lifeless,
concave, without sight.

She exhales a breath of ancient days,
enough to blow a speck of Egypt,
a souvenir,
into the corner of my eye.

copyright/all rights reserved/ 2011


Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

She exhales a breath of ancient days,
enough to blow a speck of Egypt,
a souvenir,
into the corner of my eye...

I am amazed that you actually have so rich imagination on one single art work..

love your lines, well done.


Kathe W. said...

excellent- this was a delightful read.

Lyn said...

Hi Jingle-
What a lovely thing to say! Your prompts are always stimulating! Thank you...

Lyn said...

Hi Kathe-
Thank you so much for your comment!!

Anonymous said...

An utterly delight to read - and I have to say that I am enamoured with the art work you chose to adorn your page!

JamieDedes said...

The goddess is waiting. Bravo! This is nicely done. Interesting to see that several have chosen Egypt. Perhaps it's more than usually on our minds, though always an evocative location.

Enjoyed this very much. Thank you. Happy Potluck.

Anonymous said...

so beautiful, i could see it!

Olivia said...

This is undoubtedly from the best of your collections!

Lyn, if I could please get to read The Book of Deads and cast a spell or two.. hehe
Occult fascinates me!

Powerful metaphors ..
Hugs xoxox

Anonymous said...

very beautiful lyn.. here's mine-

Anonymous said...

I love that ending about the statue blowing history into your eyes. An unusual prompt to use and it works very well!

Lyn said...

Hi abthomas-
Thank you..I really enjoy matching up photos with text!

Lyn said...

Hi Jamie-
I can imagine that Egypt is on many minds..for me it's always art and history..thanks!!

Lyn said...

Hi lunawitch-
Love your comment..thanks!!

Lyn said...

Hi Olivia-
You can always try to cast a spell..but be careful..haha..
as you can see, I really take to the occult!Thanks...

Lyn said...

Hi fiveloaf-
Thanks for you comment..really appreciate it!

Lyn said...

Hi Jessica-
You know, I think the poems are in us..all we need is the prompt to hatch it!! Thanks...

Unknown said...

Beautiful poem with the perfect ending Lyn. As you know, I used to live in Egypt and have seen first hand the many ancient statues/treasures of Hathor, Hatshetsup and other famous Egyptian females. Makes you stop and think, it does.

Lyn said...

Hi Jane-
Here's something amazing..seems we were reading and commenting on eachother's blogs at the same moment...woooo!! Lucky you to have had such an adventurous life..I got my Egypt at the Met and the Louvre.

Explorations in Sacred Space said...

Hi, Elle - it is "Elle" - right?

Thanks for visiting us today at "Into the Bardo," a new site I'm doing in collaboration with my friends Rob and Ann. Appreciat your reading and commenting.


Lyn said...

Hi Jamie-
It was my pleasure to visit your site and good luck with it! And it's Lyn..the "elle" is part of my last name..Rochelle/or a sort of game..L(elle)roch(elle). Now that seems clear as mud!! haha

Reflections said...

Wow... love this...
She exhales a breath of ancient days,
enough to blow a speck of Egypt,
a souvenir,
into the corner of my eye...

Pure power.

Lyn said...

Hi Reflections-
Thanks so much for your comment..this was an interesting one for me to do..


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