Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MAGPIE...Prompt #195

                          AUTUMN on the RIVER/ 1889/ John Singer Sargent

THANK YOU, Tess...Magpie Tales


Veiled within my swaddling,
I exhale a wish,
seekng a promise
that I become an icon.

I develop my heartbeat,
imagine what rapture I'll feel
when swathed in spendid regalia.

In the offing,
a chrysalis will peel,
thrust me out,
hang me by a thread
as my blood pumps.

I'm hoping that my wings
will be a raven's.

Copyright/ all rights reserved/ 2013

As you can see by my header, my heart belongs to JSS.


dori said...

You write about birth and transformation a lot! Another beauty, love it!


Lyn said...

Hi dori-
Thanks...that's all there is!!

Helen said...

... and so it shall be, Lyn.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lyn said...

Hi Helen-
Thanks for agreeing with me..and the most Happy Thanksgiving!

Lyn said...

One and all...
Blessings for Thanksgiving!

Silent Otto said...

Gday matey , so mafical as usual .....a worthy animal spirit

Lyn said...

Hi Kutamun-
Gday to you..always so uplifting..thanks!!

~T~ said...

This fits her expression perfectly! What ambition...

Lyn said...

Hi ~T~
I seem to know her! Thank you....


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