Thursday, August 1, 2013


ONLY BECAUSE I seem to be suddenly allergic, am I presenting this recipe to you.
Figs.  Gorgeous figs, never nipped at the roof of my mouth before.  Last night, a bit of a tingle... can allergic reaction be far behind?  Well, yes/ no, but I've been neurotic for too long not to feel a bit of panic, a bit of "what if".  So I do what I usually do, suppress and start walking.  Through my apartment.  Because nothing can happen to me as I trip a light jog.  It's my life, ya know.  Sometimes even magic works.
I live on the Upper Famous Side of New York.  But I live for bargains.  About twenty paces past my front doorman, is one of dozens of fruit and vegetable stands in my neighborhood.  It's definitely like having my own green market, don't even have to cross the street.  Friendly vendor, nowadays all stands seem operated by exceptionally polite young guys from the Middle East.  Who needs the United Nations? 
Bought a box of lovely figs, nestled in a green plastic basket.  Picture perfect. You know the rest.
After the false alarm, didn't die of shock, figured it's best to sort of do a compote.  This AM, cut them in pay attention, this is the recipe:
Small saucepan, put figs in.
Sprinkle with brown sugar,
or honey.  Or both.
Pinch of salt.
Shake some cinnamon, nutmeg.
Small slice of ginger,
couple slices of lemon.
Water to cover.
Cook, for about 20 minutes,
covered, very low heat.
Uncover, cook down to syrup.
Cool. Chill.  Eat.
Vanilla ice cream, why not?
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21 Wits said...

Oh yes, your recipe sounds so delicious and reminds me of how much my mouth waters with desire for figs, every time I make Figgy Pudding. I've only made it about 5 times so far. I always buy extra figs so I can devour them raw without any interference from Captain Morgan!

Helena said...

I'm not known for my culinary success - but I love figs.....and I know a bloke who can cook!!

Lyn said...

Hi Karen S.-
Now about that Figgy Pudding, seems I should have some of that...thank you!

Lyn said...

Hi Helena-
The bloke will do, but bet you can do this! Just had some with vanilla ice cream..oh, yum! Thanks...

Kathe W. said...

I've been wondering what the heck to do with figs! Thanks!

dori said...

This was more than picture perfect. You should write recipes for the NY Times. Loved it.

Lyn said...

Hi Kathe W.
Simple is best..this recipe is for everything fruity!! Thank you..

Lyn said...

Hi dori-
I only do recipes that I can taste when I'm writing them! NYTimes..hmmm..thank you!

Margie said...

I love figs!
Must try your recipe!

And how wonderful you are so close to to all those fruit and vegetable stands :)


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