Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sunshine Dreams...

                                  Photo/ Dori Hartley/ Florida surf/ Jan 19, 2012

RETURN TO REALITY, back from a holiday, back to the snows of today...will have this photo to look back on a really splendid day, a reminder of why the ocean, the beach are so precious....

Thinking of leaving New York permanently for a warm breeze in January, a sand castle at the edge of the sea.  Really serious about moving, but the larger reason is to be with my daughter, Dori, my granddaughter, Alex.  That's what my visit was  about.  And to catch a few rays.

In the end, there's no landscape or environment that tops NY for me.  Born and bred in the shadow of Yankee Stadium, toddling around the Metropolitan Museum when the Egyptian Wing was a mere twinkle, I have had a very strong arm restraining me from leaving. 

But not so much anymore.  Now my bones are cold quicker, and even though every store in the world is just across the street, I'm sort of willing to say good-bye to all that.  For the opportunity to be very near my guys, (not the one in LA, I can't have everything), I seem to be on the verge of moving to that famous sunshine state.  I had this urge six years ago.  But kissed the New York ground when I returned from a visit.  Will that happen again? 

Now if I won the lottery, I could straddle both paradises!

Will keep you posted!!

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dori said...

It takes a while to acclimate, it does. And, as I said, if you look for New York in Florida -- you will not find it. You may find projections of your own disappointment...but then, Florida has it's own magic and once you let it smooth your New York expectations out, behold: you are warmed and tropical, without expectation. It does happen. It's not a concession just happens. One minute you're in culture shock and the next minute -- it's the only life you'd ever want. I love Florida. I never thought in a million years that I'd say that. But, it's true. I love the warmth, the sun, the ease. I love the lack of pretension and competition. I love the palm trees and the grace that the ocean always makes available. Here, there is quiet. It takes time to get used to...but once it's in your soul, once you become never crave for congestion again.

It was great to have you here. You are loved. <3

Lyn said...

Hi dori-
I thank you for all the love and warmth you've shown me...and I could get used to the warmth of Florida...without a doubt!


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