Sunday, December 11, 2011

MAGPIE/ Prompt #95

                                                      Image/ Mostafa Habibi

THIS WEEK'S Magpie Tales....thanks, Tess Kincaid.


Forever and a day you were right,
yet there you stand in quicksand
believing that the sucking sound
will lift you up to the second floor.

I hold the lifesaver,
a sweet candy
on the tip of my tongue,
bright red, a sugared cherry

the color of a heady summer's bloom.

I recall when you were
my redeemer,
knew the answers,

but you painted everything grey.

The years are an ocean,
lapping against the shore,
rising to flood your intentions.

It took so long for me
to gather my fragments
and shape them into a fortress.

You are
the medicine years,
a drug ground down
to swallow with water.
Now you sink
as a grain of sand,
part of the fate of hermit crabs.

copyright/ all rights reserved/ 2011


Sub Radar (Mike) said...

Love what you did with this prompt, the quicksand theme is so clever.

Lyn said...

Hi Sub-Radar Mike-
Thanks so much..since I was a little kid, quicksand was a big fear for me..growing up in NYC..go figure..

Cad said...

People who paint grey are best avoided! Great Magpie.

Lyn said...

Hi Cad-
I like the way you think! Thank you...

izzy said...

Wow hermit crabs! never thought of the creatures nearby- great job, thanks.

Isabel Doyle said...

Wow!! so many great lines in this piece Lyn - the revenge is sweet like a lifesaver.

Other Mary said...

Oh wow, just love this. I can't even give a fav line because there are so many of them. Really deep. Love it!

Lyn said...

Hi izzy-
Thank you..those little guys just washed up!

Lyn said...

Hi Isabel..
Thanks so much..It's the leaving behind that's so sweet, too!

Lyn said...

Hi Other Mary-
So glad that you like sort of just poured forth!!

Helen said...

Nice Magpie, Lyn!!!

Maggie said...

Wow. What poured forth is amazing!

LOL. Yeah, I had a fear of quicksand, as well. Not likely in the Midwest. : )

Martin said...

Some really nice lines here. I especially like "...I hold the lifesaver,
a sweet candy
on the tip of my tongue..."

Carrie Van Horn said...

This is such a captivating poem Lyn....i love the line "the years are an ocean, lapping against the shore, rising to flood your intentions.....amazing writing!

Brian Miller said...

nice progression through this...the quicksand...the candy...and hermit crabs...smiles....i think they may be better off you know...smiles.

Berowne said...

Unusual? No, unique - take on this week's prompt. Thanks.

Lyn said...

Hi Helen..
I appreciate that!

Lyn said...

Hi thingy-
Amazing what fears stick to us..thank you!

Lyn said...

Hi Martin-
Thanks..I sort of like that image too!!

Lyn said...

Hi Carrie-
Oh my..what a lovely statement...thank you..

Lyn said...

Hi Brian-
Thanks for your thoughts..hard to know who's lucky these days...

Lyn said...

Hi Berowne-
Very nice comment..guess we're happy at what our minds sometimes show us! Thanks..

Tumblewords: said...

Quicksand is a fear that sticks with me, too. And surely the fear of those who paint in grey. Nice piece, to be sure.

Lyn said...

Hi Tumblewords-
Thanks for your comment..several seem to have that quicksand thing!

rel said...

Quick sand is a tricky thing; fight and struggle and it'll consume you, but embrace it and you'll stay afloat.

Lyn said...

Hi rel-
Thanks for the never know when that info will come in handy!


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