Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Child of Winter

                                        Jamie Pierre

                               MATTHEW JAMISON PIERRE

                               February 22, 1973-  November 13, 2011

BEYOND BRAVE, beyond daring, Jamie Pierre was a professional free-skier.  In 2006 he skied off a 255 foot cliff at Grand Targhee, Wyo. , plummeted head first, without a helmet, into the deep powder.   He skied away with a cut lip from being struck by a shovel as his partners dug him out of the 12 foot hole.

On Sunday, November 13, 2011, on a more routine trip to Snowbird in Utah, an avalanche carried him over 800 feet over rocky terrain.  He was partly buried and died of trauma.  Jamie Pierre was 38 years old.

                        Chris Figenshau

Go to YouTube to view the World Record Ski Jump.  He also made appearances in Warren Miller films: Playground, and Children of Winter.  Also, on the Ski Channel, "The Story of Jamie Pierre".

He had many concussions over the years but refused to wear a helmet.  "If somethings so dangerous it requires a helmet", he said, "then maybe I shouldn't be doing it".

Fearless one....RIP.

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Carrie Van Horn said...

That is a bravery I do not have....people like that always amaze me....thanks for sharing this captivating story Lyn!!

Lyn said...

Hi Carrie-
I too am amazed by this kind of daring..think he was quite special..thanks!

Christine said...

Last year I attended the Banff Mountain Film festival in Winnipeg , I left breathless, by the daring lives that people live in the pursuit of pushing their limits, these people are awesome and totally crazy at the same time, very inspiring though, made me want to be better at any task I try to put my mind to.

Lyn said...

Hi Christine-
How lucky you are to have been able to attend..I agree with you about the totally limitless lives some people lead. Thanks so much for the thoughts..

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Fearless indeed!.. May he rest in peace!



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