Monday, June 6, 2011

MAGPIE/ Prompt #68

                                           photo/ Tess Kincaid/ Magpie Tales

THANK YOU, TESS, for this enigmatic prompt! 


The dealer of odds and ends
clasps the eyepiece
in the soft of his palm.
A film of grey stares
through the blue pigment.
An edge of ochre and white
rims the periphery
like a necklace.

The weight is heavy enough
to hold down a letter
of love or loss.

He tells me the legend
of an eye drawing breath.
He tells me this is Napoleon's eye.

A rise and fall does seem to flow
in the shifting light.
I'll take it.

A real work of art he says.
Napoleon's eye.
He places the orb
in a round satin coffer.
Tie it with a ribbon?

copyright/all rights reserved/ 2011


Helen said...

Yes, it does give the illusion of being heavy enough to be a paper weight ~ can you imagine the reactions? Nice Magpie.

Christine said...

Wonderful, love the ending line too.

Margie said...

Gosh, you are such an amazing poet!
Bravo on this one, Lyn.

Margie :)

Lisa said...

Love your take on the prompt.


Anonymous said...

Oh this is just so intriguing! What a cool poem and peculiar image

Lyn said...

Hi Helen-
Thank you..Yes, this object will be noticed!

Lyn said...

Hi Christine-
It was fun for me to explore this..thank you!!

Lyn said...

Hi Margie-
I'm so grateful for your support..I'm always happy to hear from you...thanks!

Lyn said...

Hi Lisa-
The prompts are always a great challenge...thanks!

Lyn said...

Hi mindlovemisery-
Thanks for your comment..this one sort of just took off on it's own path!!

Jeane Myers said...

love the fun kick at the end - so you! xxo

Anonymous said...

Very imaginative take on the prompt. Can't imagine how you came up with the concept....very, very good...and aa clever ending. vb

Brigid O'Connor said...

Lyn, I'm always impressed by how accomplished and perfect your pieces are, such an intiguing poem and I too,love the last line.

Lyn said...

Hi Jeane-
Thank you, my do know me!

Lyn said...

Hi versebender-
I believe that everything is connected, that everything is already "there". Sort of like automatic just happens..thank you so much for your generous comment!

Lyn said...

Hi Brigid-
Just lovely of you to say such a thing! The "P" word scares me..but I'll accept it this one time..'cause no one ever said that before!!

The Blog of Bee said...

Brigid is absolutely right. What more can I say except that I too am impressed at what you have done with this picture. You poem is much gentler on my senses than the picture!

Tess Kincaid said...

Gosh, this gave me chills. Now I'm wondering who might have worn this one!

Lyn said...

Hi Bee's Blog-
Thank you so much...but I don't want to be too gentle!!

Lyn said...

Hi Tess-
Thank you, started it, and I count on you to continue!!

Olivia said...

A legendary take on the prompt!

I would want a violet ribbon please- lolss..

Mind it the eye is "eyeing" it all!!
hugs xoxox

Lyn said...

Hi Olivia-
Definitely eyeing us..and you may have any ribbon you wish..thanks, as always..and blessings..

Henry Clemmons said...

Very, very well done. Napolean's eye would be far more valuable than a paper weight in this day. We could learn from Waterloo(sp?)
Great job.

Lyn said...

Hi Henry-
So grateful for the encouraging words...thank you!

Sioux Roslawski said...

A perfect Magpie...Lyrical and and tight. I loved the ending..."Tie it with a ribbon?"

Lyn said...

Hi Sioux-
What a lovely comment..thank you..and I had a bit of fun with the ending...

Tumblewords: said...

Well done - this one sings!

Margaret Pangert said...

Love your descriptive poem. I can just see Napoleon's eye breathing. I would definitely buy it, tied with ribbon!

Lyn said...

Hi Tumblewords-
So good to read your comment..thanks!

Lyn said...

Hi Margaret-
I'll sell..and any color ribbon you want! Thanks for dropping by...

Anonymous said...

enigmatic pic, a true challenge but you went with it, painting a beautiful story. :) thanks for the visit :)

Lyn said...

Hi lynnaima-
So glad you like this...I found it interesting to "discover".


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