Sunday, December 13, 2009


Wassily Kandinsky 1886-1944
WHEN I DIE AND RUSH ALONG THE TUNNEL OF WHITE LIGHTS, BEING NEITHER HERE NOR THERE YET, I know that I will enter into a Kandinsky landscape. I'm the last person to advance mathematical theory, but I see before me, clear as day, Einstein's very large number, c2, the very square of the speed of light. You remember, E=mc2.
For Kandinsky, art and music gave rise to each other. Color is art's pitch and volume, and a low note on a cello is deep blue. Relativity will make sense when I enter that space between. After my life, before my heaven, I christen that waiting place, "the space between".
Kandinsky left me a road map. I saw it this morning as I paid a very early visit to the Guggenheim Museum, membership invitation. Having the place almost to myself allowed me to observe the portals of eternity. Great big eyes, circles of vibrancy and but also hues befitting Morpheus. I awakened to the possibilities, as Kandinsky must have, after seeing Monet's, "Haystacks". Imagine that at the age of thirty he began artistic studies! If it hadn't been for Monet, would it have happened?
Kandinsky believed his passion to create would awaken the same desire in the viewer, because the artist and observer were equal. If the artist's creativity was pure enough, that would bring out a similar response in the viewer. Therefore I took up his invitation this morning. I peered through portals and found some enticing, some karmically prohibiting. A big eye, stared into, seemed to bring me closer to heaven. And a tiny clock stood still. When I really get to "the space between", I will have to piece it all together, next job after Earth. But not yet. Right now I'm just emerging from a museum.
But I do think this: Creating Art is the same as starting a Universe.
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Linda S. Socha said...

Lovely post Lyn. I like your blog tremendously and thank you for your insight into art and life

Kat Mortensen said...

Right you are, Lyn! That means each of us creates his or her own universe. That means there are many universes yet to discover AND be created. Hard to fathom.

Jeane Myers said...

mmmmm, I know it was worth getting up early this morning for your special moment with Kandinsky - I'm a huge fan of his line - his lines thrill me - and I'm a total believer in the idea that if the 'artist's creativity was pure enough' that the viewer will be touched - it's not always because the art is 'great art', but because there is an honesty to the work that the viewer connects with - mmmm, lucky you - xxo

Lyn said...

Hi Linda-
Thank you so much..where would we be without art..unthinkable!

Lyn said...

Hi Kat-
Life after life..or something! Thank you...

Lyn said...

Hi Jeane-
Yes, you're doesn't have to be great..but it should tell the truth! That's the connection...Thanks..

Unknown said...

Have always been fascinated by Kandinsky's art even though I'm a traditionalist at heart... but his pieces speak to me in ways no other does.

Lyn said...

Hi Jane-
Exactly so..that's why I went off on that magical, mystical tour!!

Unknown said...

Hi Lyn,

I popped in yesterday but had to leave before commenting! Glad you enjoyed your priviledge tour. I know nothing about Kandinsky (blushing!) but can appreciate the colour and vitality of the pieces you've shown. Wonderful that you can get inside them and picture another realm.

Lyn said...

Hi Derrick-
Oh please visit whenever you can!
Yes the vitality really gets to me..Kandinsky was known as the father of modern art, I believe..he was a true visionary.

A Cuban In London said...

I was reminded of Kandinsky recently when I read Borges for the first time. K had a unique way of looking at life, it was almost like a kaleidoscope, and so was Borges's prose.

Marvellous post.

Greetings from London.

Lyn said...

Greetings to a Cuban-
Thank you!
I'm pretty sure that great art takes us into expanding realms. No borders when I view art, listen to music,!!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Having the Guggenheim almost to yourself is a wonder!
I too love Kandinsky's work and find this piece easy to step into and move about! Your words are so thoughtful and for me a spirit lifter.
Mary Ann

Lyn said...

Hi Mary Ann-
Such kind words..thank you.
Yes, it's quite a treat to wander around..that's how I get to talk to the paintings and lift my own spirits!

Harry & Lisa said...

just read this....funny how art can move us to write... you just read my mother poem with the nod to kadinsky. I know i read your post using the same picture. WOW. you quite the talented and insightful writer. bravo.

june 28, 2011

Lyn said...

Hi we are the we-
Synchronicity, huh? It all flows together...thank you so much! Love watching the world get smaller...


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