Wednesday, May 27, 2009


KEEPSAKES...How totally great to be
sprinkled with fabulousness by you...
you sure know how to pass an award on,
one that you so deservedly have received!
Sharing and taking a bow alongside, "Lenorenevermore",
and "One Happy Panda" pleases me no end. In case
you've missed it, we are Bloggers who demonstrate
features of fancy and interest, we are captivating and unique,
and friendly as well. Ta da...
Thank you and congratulations to all!
Now I'm going to do a complete switch and dive
into a subject that couldn't be further away from
frivolity. I will say immediately that I am ashamed
and amazed at having encountered, in a rather
innocuous blog, an offensive, small minded and
downright bigoted point of view.
What's really difficult is that this is generally a blog
that I follow, usually presents creative ideas. Not
yesterday. I was just blind sighted by the totally
unnecessary insertion of a hateful remark, preceded
by a cowardly, "forgive me for saying this", and
saying it.
It's easy to remove oneself from a "follow" list.
Click, it's over. That's what I usually do in my
"real" life when I encounter a particular kind of
ugliness, especially with someone I hardly know.
Click. Good-bye. I feel that if you don't know by
now how really stupid you are, I'm not waiting
around to teach you.
Should I have confronted this person, pinned the
subject down, told them blog to blog what I think?
I just feel that too much anger would take over.
Maybe this will somehow drift on over, and blogger
will get it.


Kat Mortensen said...

Congrats again, Lyn!

I know where you're coming from with this. Someone I was quite a fan of once published an award that I found quite offensive. The language used to articulate the receiver of the award's merit was crude and unnecessary. I'm not given to making judgements of people who choose to say certain things, but I do think such an award and language (do I sound like a prude?) is inappropriate for a certain caliber of blog. This blogger changed my perception of both themselves and the giver of the award. I was pleased to see she removed it from her sidebar, but now it resides on a special page with a lot of other "badges of honour".
I don't know if it's worth trying to call it to their attention, UNLESS it's something racially unforgivable, or blatant nastiness. I'd just choose to disengage.


Lyn said...

Hi Kat-
Again, thanks for everything..
I so appreciate your opinion. We do not expect "racial" and "nastiness" from a certain caliber of said it well..and I choose to disengage..

Jeane Myers said...

congratulations on another well deserved award! and I would have to go with the Buddha quote on your sidebar - the whole hot coal scenerio is so true! ;)

A Cuban In London said...

Congrats on your award. You thoroughly deserve it.

Re the offending blog. Leave it, it's not worth, in my opinion, approaching someone over a post that was published on that person's blog. as you said at the end, if the material is offensive, then blogger will deal with the culprit. If not, then, take yourself off that person's followers' list.

Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Lyn said...

Hi Jeane-
Thanks so much..
Yes, leave it to Buddha..just let it go..we don't own it!!

Lyn said...

Greetings to A Cuban-
Thanks for your comments..
and your good advice.. I took myself off immediately..done is done!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your latest award. And I totally agree with a Cuban in London, couldn't have said it better myself.

Lyn said...

Hi Gaston...
Thank you! I too agree..was just surprised at such backward views...

Natalie said...

Hi Sweetie! Congratulations to youuuu!
Two days ago, I went to comment on a friends blog, who happens to be a real life friend, and someone was bitching about me on her blog via the comments section!!!!

One: Is this person STOOOOPID???? Everybody knows we are friends.

Two: Not nice behaviour

Three: It was a GUY having a whinge!

Four: Isn't there some sort of rule against this sort of garbage?

Walk away. Right now.xx♥

Unknown said...

Hi Lyn,

You're piling them up, aren't you? "Captivating, unique and friendly", says it all. Congratulations!

Lyn said...

Hi Natalie-
Thanks for your good wishes..
Yes, some people are stupid! The truth of us is always revealed by ourselves, no matter how we cover ourselves with "attitudes".
Jealousy is often behind nastiness!!

Lyn said...

Hi Derrick-
Thank you! You are more than kind!!


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