Monday, January 5, 2009


Reiki is an ancient system of healing with energy, healing with Chi. It is the laying on of hands.

Here is a variation of the five REIKI principles:

Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings.

Just for today I will not worry.

Just for today I will not be angry.

Just for today I will do my work honestly.

Just for today I will be kind to my neighbor

and every living thing.

Just something to keep in mind even when I'm

not doing Reiki healing.

There was a time when Reiki, derived from Tibetan Buddhist practise, was preserved by the ancients and handed down in secrecy. That's changed in our time. Our planet, ourselves, are too much in need of healing to keep that secret any longer.

I liked this today from

Life asks us to make measurable progress in reasonable time.That's why they make those fourth grade chairs so small- so you won't fit in them at age twenty- five.

Jim Rohm


Dave King said...

Did you create the image? Fantastic if you did.

Anonymous said...

To Dave:
This image was just wandering the Web, and it found a home with me! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Reiki is such an amazing energy work. I've been a master teacher for a year now, and the journey to get there was incredible. If only more people knew about it, and realized it wasn't something evil-which a lot do. It brings so much comfort to people.

Anonymous said...

To Minnesota-
I agree about the wonderful benefits of Reiki. I studied it years ago and have introduced this healing to many. I really never heard that it had an "evil" reputation. The opposite is true about Reiki, a universal gift!
Thanks so much...


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