Sunday, January 11, 2009


as the unalterable truth,
then when the truth does come
in person and knocks at your
door, you may not be able to open
it and let the truth in.
Udana Sutta
I seem to be gathering quotes today. Lazy me.
For instance, I watched a most
excellent movie last night, Werner Herzog's,
"Encounters at the End of the World".
Quote later.
This is an incredible journey to the South Pole.
Antarctica becomes both otherworldly and extremely
human. The inhabitants bring their particular skills,
but also wise and funny individuality. A wonder of
courage and resilience. And unimaginable beauty.
To quote Werner Herzog:
Reality outdoes all your fantasies.


Poetikat said...

I love Herzog's Nosferatu with Klaus Kinski. Did you know that chickens feature as a symbol in all of his films? Neither did I, but Wikipedia indicates it to be true.

I notice in your profile that two of your favourite books are "Jude the Obscure" and "Brideshead Revisited". These are my favourites as well.

We may find some other common bonds, I dare say.


P.S. Thanks for following my blog(s)? I'm following yours too.

Lyn said...

Thanks for your comments.
Curious about the chickens. I honestly don't recall if there was one in "Encounters"....No, that was a penguin!
Love Hardy, and the TV version of "Brideshead" my all time fav.

Poetikat said...

Do you have "Brideshead" on dvd? I drooled over Andrews and Irons when it first came out. I was in University at the time and it really struck a chord. If you google "Brideshead" on my blog, you'll find some interesting stuff.
A penguin, eh? I have "Fitzcarraldo" on widescreen video, but have never watched it. I think I should - and I'll keep an eye out for those chickens!


Dave King said...

These posts get better and better.

Lyn said...

Who could ask for more? Thanks so much!

splendid said...

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Lyn said...

To Splendid-
All I can add is ...see the movie!!!


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