Sunday, February 20, 2011

SANCTUM FOR RENT/ Poetry Potluck #23

TODAY WE ARE ASKED by Poetry Potluck #23, to choose from the topics, Our Home, Temple, Sanctum.
Somehow, Sanctum caught my eye...hope you enjoy!


Looking for a place
to hang my sins out to dry,
quiet enough to work
on my peace of mind.

A place to rinse
and spin my karma,
see the Moon
from my window,
snatch it when
it kisses me.

Is it futile to ask
for a dazzling altar,
a place for a cast-out
friend to pray?

Also, I'd like a holy cup
that sings,
when I stir up
some courage,
and a door
easily opened
to shepherds,
leading their flock.

How about
some cross ventilation,
a cool breeze
to carry
my words aloft,
when I ask,
have I been saved?

Absolute necessity:
ability to break
the lease
at a moment's notice.

copyright/all rights reserved/ 2011


Anonymous said...

Slick write! If only there was such a rental available!

Anonymous said...

I like how you mix the quest for spiritual home with thee search for a house. More people should shop based on that.

Lyn said...

Hi abthomas-
Thanks so much..sometimes it seems to be the right place..but, then the escape clause!!!

Lyn said...

Hi brennanbogert-
There should be such a place..within! Thank you for visiting..

bendedspoon said...

I like a holy cup that sings too! Wow to your imagination! :)

Butterflies of time said...

great imagery here. congrats . loved all the things u asked such an imaginative way.

Tim Keen said...

Looking for a place to hang my sins out to dry is an awesome line.

Anonymous said...

well written...

Anonymous said...

deep in meaning.. nice ! my potluck..

Lyn said...

Hi bendedspoon-
Glad to hear from you...thanks for the comment!

Lyn said...

Hi Butterflies....
My thanks to you...I had fun doing this one!

Lyn said...

Hi Tim-
Still looking..thanks for dropping by...

Lyn said...

Hi Sam-
Thanks for your comment!!

Lyn said...

Hi fiveloaf-
Appreciate your comment..can't wait to read yours!!

Gaston Studio said...

I love that you left the "back door" open so that if it wasn't up to your standard, you have the option to break the lease!

Lyn said...

Hi Jane- thing absolutely certain about me..I like to know where the exit is!!

thingy said...

Is this the ghost clause?

Loved this. : )

Lyn said...

Hi thingy-
We should all have one! Thanks so much...

Anonymous said...

That last group of lines is great!
I loved it all, a light touch throughout.

Lyn said...

Hi Jessica-
So pleased to hear from you..thanks so much!

Jingle said...

Looking for a place
to hang my sins out to dry,
quiet enough to work
on my peace of mind...

your words are stunning, brilliant poetry.
you rock.

Anonymous said...

Stunning poetry, Lyn. The images are so well crafted.

Lyn said...

Hi Jingle-
All is done because of your efforts..thanks so much for what you do!

Lyn said...

Hi liv2write2day-
It was so interesting to do..thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you read the lease for sure! Very original, and fun read.

Kim Nelson said...

Yes! Sounds ideal. I am lucky to inhabit nearly such a place. Blessed, no?

Lyn said...

Hi azfree-
Thanks for visiting, and the very nice comment!

Lyn said...

Hi Kim-
How lucky you are..blessed, indeed..I too find myself there, from time to time!!

dan roberson said...

You must have been one of the good ones and pre-qualified. Sanctum for Rent..a very clever poem. A very nice blend of being timid and bold, physical and spiritual. Thanks for sharing.

Lyn said...

Hi Dan-
That's a good one..prequalified!All those! Thank you...


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