Thursday, April 1, 2010


Does poetry enrich your life?  Do you write poetry?  Do you buy poetry?  Do you plead with friends and family to please listen while you read your latest tome?  Well, guess what?? 
HERE IT IS AGAIN, NatPoMo...and everyone is celebrating its arrival. 

Hardly any serious Blogger has failed to mention that this special day, first celebrated and established by the Academy of American Poets, way back in 1996, is the beginning of NATIONAL POETRY MONTH.   Not the first to kick it off, I still feel that I can add a twist, so let me be the first to get you ready for April 30th, which is, "Poem in your Pocket Day".  This is not an April Fool's Day joke.  If you don't have a pocket, clutch it or pin it to your sleeve..just like your Mom pinned your mitten when you were a kid.

Here's a poem that I wrote a while ago, it's in my book of poetry, "Two Ghosts". 


I am made empty between two skies,
the outer infinity of luminous blue.
The ebon firmament within.

I become full
when the universe
twirls its net of quantum jewels
and spins a net of all ourselves.

copyright c/ all rights reserved/2008


Kathryn Stripling Byer said...

Lyn, this is small jewel of a poem. I'm really taken with it. It's also given me an idea or two about how to work on a poem in which I'm stuck. The imagery pushes the bounderies, as poetry helps us do. Thank you.

Lyn said...

Hi Kathryn-
Thank you so much..ideas to be shared..I sometimes let whoever it is that I'm channeling, take over completely!!Poetry does let us surprise ourselves..

Unknown said...

Hi Lyn,

Another luminous verse.

Am I glad I picked up the NaPoWriMo gauntlet? I'll let you know!!

Happy Easter!

Lyn said...

Hi Derrick-
Thank you..and I'm glad that you've taken up the poetry gauntlet..always of great substance!
Happy Easter to you....

Deedee said...

Deeply, truly sublime, Lyn. Namaste!


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